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Dadiso Camp

Unveiling Opulent Luxury Amidst Southern Africa's Wilderness

Nestled gracefully along the banks of the Mokore river, the forthcoming Dadiso Camp at Sango promises an extravagant haven for luxury tourists seeking opulence in perfect harmony with nature. 

Luxury Accommodations in Southern Africa, Eco-Friendly Retreat, Opulent Nature Getaway

Sango’s Dadiso Camp has always adhered to an ethos of minimal environmental impact, deliberately eschewing unnecessary modern conveniences. This commitment to environmental harmony serves as the cornerstone for the camp’s evolution into a sustainable, eco-conscious luxury sanctuary. Dadiso Camp stands as a symbol of grandeur, solidifying its reputation as one of the most splendid and magnificent retreats in the southern African wilderness.

Southern Africa Luxury Retreat, Sustainable Eco-Luxury, Wilderness Sanctuary

Every detail of the camp’s transformation is meticulously orchestrated, representing a harmonious fusion of refined design and the untamed allure of nature. Through the collaborative vision of esteemed interior designer Megan Hesse and architect Sally Tsiliyiannis, Dadiso Camp emerges as an epitome of elegance, luxury, and environmental consciousness.

Harmony in Simplicity: Luxurious Embrace of Nature’s Bounty

Megan eloquently describes Dadiso as “a place that embraces simplicity and harmony with the environment,” shaping an atmosphere of rest and reconnection. The camp intentionally minimizes the impact of technology, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the surrounding wilderness.

Respecting WildlifeDesigning Amidst Nature

Megan acknowledges the challenges of designing in a wildlife-rich environment, emphasizing the team’s careful consideration in furniture design. “Even the fabrics we’re using have to be responsible. So we have to design around nature,” she notes, ensuring that the camp coexists harmoniously with the local wildlife.

Nature Immersion Retreat, Eco-Friendly Technology-Free Luxury, Mokore River Wilderness Experience

The pavilions at Dadiso Camp are thoughtfully designed to cultivate an ambiance of tranquility and reconnection. Absent of air conditioning or television, the camp adopts a back-to-nature approach, enabling guests to fully engage with their natural surroundings. Luxurious bathrooms, featuring both indoor and outdoor showers, offer an unparalleled sensory experience, encouraging guests to completely immerse themselves in the pristine environment.

Crafted with Distinction: Luxurious Comfort Redefined

“Our vision was to celebrate immersion in the environment, breaking down the boundaries between indoors and outdoors,” Megan explains, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscape. The camp’s design revolves around organic forms and a color palette inspired by the natural surroundings, utilizing sustainable materials that not only exude refinement but also tread lightly on the Earth.

Environment-Inspired Luxury Design, Organic Forms in Architecture, Sustainable Material Elegance

Aligned with Sango’s commitment to sustainability, Megan and Sally have fastidiously curated materials and furnishings that seamlessly integrate with the environment. “Within sustainability, there are various elements to consider, and we’ve made responsible choices in materials, production, and locality,” Megan notes. The design team has collaborated closely with local artisans and craftsmen, ensuring that a significant portion of the furniture and materials are locally sourced, supporting and celebrating the talents of the Sango community.

"Our vision was to celebrate immersion in the environment, breaking down the boundaries between indoors and outdoors,"

Megan Hesse - Hesse Kleinloog

Characteristics of Sango Dadiso Camp

  • Four new tented suites for 2 people
  • Two extra tents for guides or accompanying staff
  • Large outdoor dining area with original Italian pizza oven
  • Cosy dining tent with fireplace, large sundeck and swimming pool close to the busy Dadiso waterhole
  • SPA & GYM tent with TechniGYM equipment and SPA treatments

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Stretching from the Bikita Hills in the west and crossing nine major habitat zones to the Save River in the east, Sango provides guests with 60,000 hectares (600 km2) of untamed Africa in the heart of Savé Valley Conservancy.

Directions to Sango

Stretching from the Bikita Hills in the west crossing nine major habitat zones to the Savé River in the east, Sango Private Game Reserve is situated in the Savé Valley Conservancy in south-eastern Zimbabwe.

By Air to Sango Airstrip
Fly with a commercial airline to Harare Airport, Zimbabwe, clear immigration and customs and charter a private flight to Sango Airstrip. Approximate journey time from Harare to Sango is 1 hour.

By Road
Fly with a commercial airline to Harare Airport, Zimbabwe, clear immigration and customs and be collected by our airport transfer for the journey by road to Sango. Approximate journey time from Harare to Sango is 4 – 5 hours.

Air and/or road transfers as well as hotel accommodation before and/or after your stay at Sango can be arranged by our staff upon request.